Our customers range from students to pensioners and everyone in-between. We tattoo teachers and doctors, people who have been to prison and the people who put them there, stay at home mom's and company executives. We offer all of our clients the same guidance...

1/ Never, ever, ever get a tattoo without putting some thought into what you want, where you want it, why you want it, and whether or not you will be happy with your chosen design in years to come. Being tattooed is an amazing experience, in many cultures it is a rite of passage, something to mark the coming of age, a celebration. Take the time to do a bit of research, exploring different designs, it will make the process so much more rewarding.

2/ Remember that tattooing is an art form. There are thousands of designs to chose from, but you will always be prouder when you know the piece you choose is unique to yourself, so work with your artist to create your own masterpiece.

3/ Get plenty of sleep the week before being tattooed. Stay away from alcohol and drugs and fill your body with healthy food. Eat a healthy meal about an hour before your appointment and make sure you are well rested. These simple steps will prepare your body for the tattoo , making the process less painful and helping your body to heal.

4/ Never take painkillers or alcohol/drugs before being tattooed. Its illegal but it also thins you blood, making you bleed more. This mean's more time under the needle, and more pain. Avoid numbing creams, while they do work in the short term, once they wear off the pain will be twice as bad.

5/ Bring along some isotonic drinks such as gatorade or powerade to keep your sugar levels up during the process. If your tattoo is going to take more than an hour then bring along some snacks, such as power bar or snickers. Keeping you blood sugar levels even will help with the pain and the healing process. For most people half an energy bar and a small bottle of powerade each hour is sufficient. After the tattoo eat a high protein meal, and get lots of rest for the next few days. Your body needs time to heal.

6/ Your tattoo is susceptible to infection and should be covered for the first few hours. Once the bandage is removed you should gently wash your tattoo with lukewarm water and antibacterial soap. Wash away any cream or plasma, but do not use a wash cloth or anything abrasive. A gentle rub with you hand should be sufficient. Gently pat the tattoo dry with a clean towel and apply your chosen healing ointment, making sure that it is dye and fragrance free.

7/ Let you tattoo breathe, and keep it moist with a light coating of ointment for the first week. Do not scratch or rub the tattoo no matter how itchy it gets. Gently slapping the area will help to ease any itching. Your tattoo should be washed in the shower daily, but do not submerge until it has healed and keep away from swimming pools and the sea for the first few weeks.

8/ Keep your tattoo out of the sun, applying an spf 50 sunscreen when exposed. This will keep your tattoo's colours bright and vibrant for years to come.

9/ Enjoy the experience !