Our resident artist Gigi McQueen, was raised in the heartland of American Tattooing, California. Gigi's life has revolved around art, briefly studying Visual Communication's at the prestigious Brooks Institute, before embarking on a career as a full time artist. Gigi has exhibited and published works in both the USA and Canada.

Gigi married a local man and moved to Northern Ireland a nearly 10 years ago, and it was here that her love of tattoos blossomed. When she was given the opportunity to train under an artist who had been in the industry for over 25 years, she jumped at the chance.

Gigi's love of art, coupled with hard work, dedication and an uncanny natural ability allows for the creation of some wonderful Tattoos. Why not call in and have a look at her work, you will not be disappointed.

Along with Gigi, we host national and international guest artists, who work with us for anything from a few days to a few months. These new artists bring with them a fountain of knowledge and experience, ensuring that Timepiece Tattoo always stays ahead of the field.

Gigi's husband Brian is the studio manager. Brian has been collecting tattoos for nearly 30 years, and has a depth of knowledge and an understanding of the world of tattoos that is second to none. 

Should you be thinking of a new tattoo your journey should start with him. It is his job to ensure our clients not only receive a tattoo that is technically perfect, but also a design that will look as good in 20 years as it does today.